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People Buy When They're Ready; Not When You Want Them To. 

In most cases, people buy when they are ready not when you or your sales team want them to.  More importantly, 50% of all salespeople stop calling a prospect after their first unsuccessful attempt to move the sales process forward; a number that skyrockets to 95% after their third unsuccessful attempt.  These are just some of the reasons why you need a drip marketing system for your business.  

If you want to learn how to build a lead nurturing system for your business, then you'll absolutely love the Drip Marketing System 2.0 we developed.  But you better hurry before your competition gets their hands on it.

Our Drip Marketing System 2.0 Is Filled With Scores Of Sales Letters, Sales Scripts, Campaign Ideas, Copywriting Shortcuts And Tons More!

The Drip Marketing System 2.0 is a multi-module sales and marketing manual and CD set that's loaded with hundreds of proven sales and marketing ideas that will immediately increase your sales.  So stop trying to reinvent your own sales processes, marketing campaigns, telemarketing scripts and training tools. We have done this for you with this remarkable system.

Your Order Is Absolutely 100% RISK-FREE.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is simple and virtually risk-free for you.  Each order we ship comes with a 60-day 100% money back guarantee. So all the risk is on us to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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30-Day Quick-Start Guide

  • Helpful Tips For Business Owners And Sales Leaders
  • Glossary Of Terms
  • What To Do During The Next 30-Days
  • How To Create A Hunter’s Mentality WithYour Sales Team
  • Five Key Elements To Greater Marketing Success
  • Key Software Programs And Tools To Invest In
  • What Drives Your Database Of Prospects To Buy From You
  • Know What Initiates And Triggers A Sale

Module 1: How To Build A Database Of Prospects

  • One FREE Database Building Tool (We Even Use It Every Day)
  • How Many Prospects Should A Salesperson Have On File
  • Why You Need To Create A List Of 10 To 20 Top Prospects Per Salesperson
  • How To Go About Profiling Your Marketing Databases
  • How To Investigate And Market To A Specific Niche Market/Industry

Module 2: How To Develop A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) And Innovate Your Business

  • How To Determine Your Prospects' Buying Triggers
  • How To Create A Customer Survey To Confirm What They Need
  • How To Innovate Your Company
  • How To Write A Prospect Blueprint Letter
  • How To Survey Your Competition

Module 3: How To Develop Your Marketing Strategy, Sales Tools, And Risk Free Offers

  • How To Create A Marketing Strategy (12-Point Template)
  • How To Investigate (And Market To) A Specific Niche
  • How To Create Risk Free Offers For Your Target Market
  • Why People Buy From Your Competition
  • Types Of Sales Tool That You Need To Create For A Sales Team
  • How Does "Price" Affect A Prospect's Buying Decision

Module 4: How To Develop A Budget And A Calendar Of Campaigns

  • How To Calculate A Client's Lifetime-Value
  • How To Determine Your Marketing Budget
  • How To Develop A Marketing Calendar Of Events

Module 5: How To Create A Proactive Sales Follow-up Strategy

  • The Facts About Salespeople And Your Database Of Prospects
  • Two Things That Will Increase Your Sales Team's Performance
  • How To Create A Business Development Center For Your Sales Team
  • How To Determine The Frequency To Call A Prospect
  • Why Leave A Powerful Voicemail Message
  • Effective Time Management Skills For Your Sales Team
  • The Real Cost To Your Business When A Salesperson Quits Or Gets Fired
  • How To Develop An Elevator Pitch
  • Sales Training Worksheet (22 Ideas)

Module 6: How To Design A Marketing Campaign

  • Recommended Software Programs
  • 15 Questions To Ask Yourself BEFORE Starting A Campaign
  • How To Determine The Types Of Marketing Campaigns To Send
  • Organizing Your Database(s)
  • How To Select The Optimum Theme For Your Campaign

Module 7: How To Write A Money-Making Marketing Campaign

  • How To Write Copy For A Marketing Campaign
  • How To Create Winning Headlines
  • How To Create Powerful Risk-Free Offers
  • How To Write For Double Readership
  • Key Points To Remember When Writing A Marketing Campaign
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis Checklist
  • How Often Should You e-Mail Someone
  • Additional Details To Designing And Formatting A Marketing Campaign
  • The Importance Of An Envelope's Design
  • How To Get More Prospects To Open A #10 Envelope
  • How To Format An Effective Marketing Campaign
  • How To Create An Ad For Your Business

Module 8: Additional Details To Designing And Formatting A Campaign

  • The Importance Of An Envelope's Design
  • How To Get More Prospects To Open A #10 Envelope
  • How To Format An Effective Marketing Campaign
  • How To Create An Ad For Your Business

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