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Drip marketing is all about sending well-written bite-size chunks of information on a consistent basis to your marketing database(s), i.e., prospects, past clients, dealers, clients, referral partners, etc.  It's a proven strategy that will:

  1. Position your business as a subject matter expert.
  2. Help you/your business build trust, credibility, and brand recognition in the marketplace. 
  3. Keep your business top-of-mind when someone is looking to buy what you sell. 

Why Is Drip Marketing Critical To Your Business?

  • 50% of all salespeople (including yours) stop calling a prospect after their first unsuccessful attempt at moving the sales process forward - a number that skyrockets to 95% to 98% after a salesperson's third unsuccessful attempt. 
  • It takes anywhere from 7 to 21 personal touches before someone makes a buying/referral decision. 
  •  80% of what you tell a prospective buyer or client in a face-to-face meeting is forgotten within  24- to 48 hours; over the phone, it takes less than 60-minutes for someone to forget 80% of what they were told.
  • People make buying decisions when they are ready; not when you or your salespeople want them to.

IMPORTANT: Situations AND people change all the time at a business; from your competition falling short with their customer service efforts, a gatekeeper leaves, to a vendor taking a client's business for granted or increasing its price. 

Types Of Drip Marketing Campaigns.

  • SMS marketing for auto dealerships, insurance carriers, concert venues, pro sporting events, etc. 
  • Posting an article a day to your social media page, i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Sending a LinkedIn message to your database of prospects and referral partners.
  • Mass e-mail marketing campaigns, i.e., intro letter, product or service, employee, or referral partner spotlights, newsletters, press releases, sales promotions, etc.
  • Direct mail campaigns, i.e., postcards, letters, etc.
  • Mailing a lumpy-mail package to a prospect, i.e., sending a sneaker with a cover letter that reads, 'We're just trying to get our foot in the door.'
  • Referral partner drop-off kit, i.e., cookie tray with sales brochures, free samples, etc.

Sample Drip Marketing Calendar (For A Database Of Prospects):

  • Day 1: e-Mail a press release on an upgraded feature, new hire, security upgrade, or service/product promotion.
  • Day 3: Deliver a lumpy mail package (via USPS)  to your tier 1 prospects.
  • Day 4/5: A follow-up call is made to gauge interest/set an appointment (use my 2/4 call strategy).
  • Day 10: Send an e-mail introductory note (via LinkedIn).
  • Day 10: Mail a postcard with a special offer.
  • Day 17: e-Mail a newsletter.
  • Day 28: e-Mail a product or service spotlight campaign.
  • Day 38: e-Mail a newsletter.
  • Day 48: e-Mail a product or service spotlight campaign.
  • Day 58: e-Mail e-newsletter.
  • Day 63: A follow-up call is made to gauge interest/set an appointment.
  • Continue your drip marketing cadence (based on budget/time). 

The Pros And Cons Of A Drip Marketing System:

  • Pros: 
    • A continuous cycle of well-written marketing messages will go a long way in building trust, credibility, and brand recognition in the marketplace. 
    • It is a great way to position yourself/your business as a thought leader in the industry. 
    • New decision-makers enter into the buying cycle.
  • Cons: 
    • It requires a disciplined person to engage in a long-term drip marketing strategy.
    • Your content needs to be written by a skilled copywriter (so your messages resonate with a reader).
    • It requires a salesperson (or you) to formally follow up a campaign with an "oh by the way" call.  
    • Your marketing databases need to be constantly updated to maximize open rates and reduce postage costs when a direct mail campaign is released; however, the ROI is substantial should these steps be taken correctly.

Now The Good News.

A significant percentage of your competitors, even your largest ones, do not have a drip marketing system installed at their business, a mistake representing a huge sales and marketing opportunity for YOU and YOUR business. Best of all, you don't need to spend a fortune to install one.  

Executive Summary: Since no one can predict the exact moment in time when someone will be ready to buy what you sell, you need to maintain contact with EVERYONE in your marketing database consistently. That being said, a drip marketing system is an exceptional short- AND long-term strategy.