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Thursday, January 23 2020

Why You Need to Call A
Prospect To Close The Sale

(Free Disappearing Prospect e-Mail Template)
By Glenn Fallavollita, President of Drip Marketing, Inc.

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Anyone who has ever worked in sales has had this feeling before: You just hung up the phone after a great conversation with a new prospect. Although the person responded well to your story, and you feel great about sending off a proposal; however, after sending off a proposal to the prospect, they ghosted you.  Now what?

When a prospect goes silent, most salespeople will send a few e-mails a prospect as a quick follow-up note – a note that asks what their thoughts were on the proposal, etc. And yes, sending off an e-mail shows your sales manager that you are “following-up.”

Don't Exclusively Rely On An e-Mail To Get The Deal Done.  

As I advise all my clients’ salespeople, you just can’t rely on an e-mail for getting a deal done. Yet, over and over again, many salespeople tell me that a deal is lost just because a prospect went silent.

If your prospect has stopped replying to your e-mails, this is when you should pick up the phone and call them. Although you might have to leave a few voicemails, you have to keep trying. But please, don’t stalk them; therefore, I recommend using my 2/4 call strategy (2 calls in 4 business days).

Many Deals Can Be Salvage If You Will Pick Up The Phone.

In today’s digital age, a phone call has become one of the most underutilized tools by salespeople.  Here are a few reasons why you need to call a prospect:

  • It helps you better understand their situation and timing.
  • It helps identify pain or problem points.
  • It helps you ask/answer questions and overcome objections.
  • It allows you to ask this question: When should I follow back up with you (after the call has ended, always send an e-mail confirming this timeframe).  

Send This Disappearing Prospect e-Mail (After My 2/4 Call Strategy).

After making your follow-up calls, I highly recommend sending the following e-mail if the prospect still remains silent.

[First Name]:

I have called a few times in the past few (days/weeks) and have not heard back from you. And since I want to be professional in my follow-up efforts with you, it would help me a lot if you would let me know how I should reconnect with you; I will take it from there.

  • Glad you are touching base. Please call me to discuss the specifics of your ______ and how I can begin __________ (e.g., saving money or making money).
  • Thanks anyway (your first name), but there isn't any interest in moving forward with your company. 
  • The timing isn't right; check back with me in 2 to 3 months.

If you would hit the reply key right now and type the number that best describes things, I would greatly appreciate it!

Name – Title

P.S.  You will find attached a one-page list of client testimonials from businesses similar in size to yours.

Executive Summary: Although e-mails are valuable, you need to blend in a series of phone calls and e-mails to get the sale done. Remember, a phone call allows you to gain greater transparency on where a prospect stands on making a buying decision.

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